Sanfilippo Children's Foundation

Sanfilippo Children's Foundation

Sanfilippo, a disease named after the paediatrician who first described it and also known as MPSIII, is a rare and fatal syndrome. It is a genetic condition that affects the metabolism and results in severe damages to the Central Nervous System (CNS). It is a genetic condition that causes fatal brain damage. Sanfilippo is referred to as a childhood disease because patients never reach adulthood. However there is hope. Today there are a number of programs already in or about to enter human clinical trial. These trials represent the only chance of treatment for children with Sanfilippo today.

The mission of the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation, founded by Megan Donnell, is to drive research, enable access to effective treatments and improve the quality of life for Australian children affected by the fatal childhood disease.

Il Divo & the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation

Sébastien Izambard is an international ambassador of the Foundation since 2014.

He produced a song called HOPE - This Woman's Work to support the Foundation, available worldwide on iTunes since December 2014. The clip of the song features Isla and Jude Donnell who both suffer from the disease. He also raffled one of his Armani suits in 2015 to support the Foundation.

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