Team & Organisation

For more about the core fan club team, please visit the fanclub's page on Sébastien's official website.

Il Divo Fans for Charity could not exist in its current form without the following people and organisations:

We are honoured to contribute our part...

  • ... profoundly grateful for the continuing endorsement of our honorary president and "patron" Sébastien Izambard and his team
  • ... in a close respectful partnership with the charities, AMTM and the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation
  • ... indebted to the dedicated professionals behind us, our communications, legal and financial advisors
  • ... with the very much appreciated consent of Beth Decheine for her fan pictures and Mario Schmolka, Max Dodson, Rudy De Doncker, and Dorien Goetschalckx to use their professional pictures
  • ... inspired by the creative ideas of so many fans around the world, all of YOU!
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